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Misunderstanding of commercial induction cooker

Date of issue:2020-08-05 Pageview:59

With the development of the times, the commercial induction cooker gradually begins to replace the traditional large cooker due to its high efficiency, energy saving and other advantages. However, some businesses are still hesitant to have some misunderstandings on the induction cooker. The following small series will give you a detailed understanding to answer the following misunderstandings about the production of induction cooker.


1. Cleaning is troublesome. As the commercial induction cooker is mainly composed of the body, main board and heating plate, many people think that water will permeate into it when cleaning. In fact, the shell of high-power commercial induction cooker has been treated with waterproof treatment, so there is no need to worry about inconvenient cleaning.

2. The efficiency of commercial induction cooker is higher than that of traditional large cooker. In the heating process of traditional stove, the sound of flame gives people the illusion of fierce fire, while the induction cooker is very weak. In fact, the commercial induction cooker is heated by the pot itself, and there will be no heat lost in the air, so it is more energy-saving than the large cooker.

3. The temperature is not high enough. The commercial induction cooker is composed of high frequency and high current magnetic coils, which can quickly reach the high temperature of thousands of degrees centigrade through gear control, which is far higher than the cooking requirements.

4. As long as there is electricity. The power of commercial induction cooker is different from that of household induction cooker. The power of commercial induction cooker is 3kw-35kw or even higher. At present, the high-power induction cooker on the market uses three-phase electricity. According to the different power configuration, select the appropriate wire to ensure the safety of power consumption.

5. Commercial induction cooker has radiation. The radiation of commercial induction cooker is very small, only one tenth of the radiation of mobile phone, which will not cause harm to human body, so there is no need to worry about the radiation of induction cooker.

6. The induction cooker has no boiler gas. Some people have this illusion because the technology of induction cooker in the past is not developed, which can not achieve the effect of high temperature in an instant. The current induction cooker can reach the high temperature of thousands of degrees in a short time.

7. Induction cooker does not save energy. The power of the commercial induction cooker is relatively large, which makes people feel that electricity is consumed. In fact, the heat energy of induction cooker will not be dissipated in the air, and the minimum thermal efficiency is 90%, while the maximum gas efficiency can only reach 40%. Induction cooker is more energy-saving, and the use cost of induction cooker is lower than that of gas.

The above is a small summary of some people on the commercial induction cooker there are a few misunderstandings, commercial induction cooker is an energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient products, if you have questions, you can pay attention to the official website of chefmax for more knowledge, or consult online customer service, we have professionals will answer for you in detail.

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