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FAQ of high power commercial induction cooker

Date of issue:2020-08-05 Pageview:36

1. How high voltage does commercial induction cooker need? Answer: 380V three-phase AC power supply, 220 V single-phase, 220 V three-phase, 400 V three-phase can be used. 2. Does the induction cooker have radiation? A: the radiation is smaller than the mobile phone, and it is within the scope of the pot bottom, absolutely harmless to the body! 3. Will commercial induction cooker leak electricity? A: absolutely no leakage. Because the whole process has no contact with electricity, the heating process is electromagnetic heating, and there is no physical contact with electricity. All internal coils are waterproof. So it will never leak. 4. How long is the warranty and how long is the service life? A: the warranty is 2 years. Because the whole machine has no vibration, the coil does not heat during heating. 5. Do you want to get rid of the oil or gas stove? A: as long as you have a place to put down our commercial induction cooker, you don't need to knock down the equipment in use. If you don't have enough space, you have to get rid of the device. If there is a power failure, can't it be used? A: if there is a power failure, the oil furnace and gas furnace will not be able to operate, because the smoke extraction equipment and the oil drum equipment can not operate. 7. Can the chef throw the pan (small frying furnace) can the commercial induction cooker throw the pot and stir fry it? A: Yes, electromagnetic insulation is made of high hardness glass ceramics. Throwing the pot does not affect the heating work when cooking. When the bottom of the pot is about 5 cm away from the commercial induction cooker, it is solid heating and does not need conduction, so the throwing effect is better than open fire. 8. What's the material of the pot? Is it made specially A: special iron pot, special steel pot. In order to improve the speed and heat of electromagnetic eddy current formation, the special material and special disposal are adopted. 9. Can I use my own pot? A: Iron and steel pots can also be used, but they are not as efficient as my special ones. However, aluminum and copper pots are not allowed to be used because they will not form electromagnetic eddy current, and the pot body sold in the market may damage the induction cooker due to the large dispersion of material and shape. Therefore, the manufacturer does not recommend using the pot purchased in the market, but suggests using the special pot made by the manufacturer 10. Components of induction cooker A: it is divided into five parts Heating part: there is shelf under the pot body of induction cooker and excitation coil below. Eddy current is generated by electromagnetic induction to heat the boiler. Control part: mainly power switch, temperature adjustment button, power selection button, etc. Controlled by the internal control circuit. Cooling part: adopt air cooling method. Air inlet and outlet are distributed on the front of the furnace body, and fans are set inside. Electrical part: composed of rectifier circuit, inverter circuit, control circuit, relay, electric fan, etc. Cooking part: mainly including a variety of cooking utensils for users to use. 11. What is the difference between the product and the household induction cooker? Answer: household induction cooker has low power, pan, and 220 V AC is converted into DC, the realization method is simple. The commercial induction cooker is a round bottomed cooker with a power of 25kW. The material selection and control mode of the induction cooker are completely different from those of the household induction cooker All adopt commercial induction cooker movement, belong to commercial industrial products. It has the stability and durability that can not be compared with household induction cooker. 12. What is the principle of high frequency electromagnetic heating technology? A: high frequency electromagnetic heating technology is a new type of high-efficiency heating method. Through high-frequency high-frequency current flowing to be wound into a ring-shaped or other shape electromagnetic heating coil, a strong magnetic field with instantaneous change of polarity will be generated in the coil. When the metal and other heated materials are placed near the coil, the magnetic field will penetrate the heated material, and the internal direction of the heated material will be opposite to the heating current A large eddy current is generated, and the temperature of the material itself rises rapidly due to the Joule heat generated by the resistance in the heated material.

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